What are the benefits of joining this model search?


Each candidate will receive a branded ModelHunt T-shirt, Photoshoot with a professional photographer with Hair&Make-up artist and studio, Model training from top model coach, Cash Prizes/Goody Bags from sponsors, Social Media Promotion, A chance to be discovered and scouted by an agency


What kind of pictures should I use to apply online?


You will need a picture of your face from the front, from the side, and a full-length picture of your body. You should wear simple clothing and little or no make-up.


Is there a registration fee?


If you will be selected as one of the finalists and to reserve your space, there is a registration fee of $150, which includes 5 seated tickets for the finals and each candidate will be required to sell or buy 5 more seated tickets. This will ensure that you will have enough supporters/friends/families who will be cheering for you. As a model, this is a small investment to have proper training and professional photos during the shoot and finals.


Is there a height requirement?


None, but you have to make sure you choose the right category for you.


Are there any age requirements?


To compete at ModelHunt, the minimum age is five years old and no upper age limit. Each candidate  must make sure to choose the right category for them in terms of age.


How will I find out if I am successful?


We will contact you to attend the live screening, using the contact details you provided when you applied, so ensure to enter the correct email address and telephone number. During the live screenings, we will take your photos, interview and ask you to walk. Candidates will be screened and graded by a select panel of judges, if they have the potential or x-factor that will make them successful in the modeling industry. We will only select the top 10 to 20 candidates per category to compete on the finals night/s.


If I am not successful for MODELHUNT, can I still be a model?


MODELHUNT is not the only way to become a model, and there may be other agencies interested in representing you. If you are not successful with MODELHUNT, we suggest searching online for local agencies. You can also always try again for next year.


How many Models are competing in each category? 


Between 10 to 20 delegates, depending on the number of applicants


Are delegates allowed to have cosmetic surgery? 


We usually appreciate the own natural beauty of each candidate. However there are no restrictions on cosmetic surgeries. The modern time makes it impossible to enforce such a law or rule.


How is the winner chosen? 


Photo Shoot – each model will be assessed on performance/visual impact in still images.

Runway Presence – each model will earn a score for displaying confidence and visual impact on the catwalk.

Personality – each model will be evaluated on uniqueness, attitude, style and x-factor!


Is MODELHUNT an agency or agent?


No, we are only helping you to be discovered by Modeling Agencies, Casting Directors and Agents by having a proper training and experience in modeling. We will be inviting top agencies and casting directors to attend the finals night, so you have the change to be introduced to them and hopefully be signed.


model submission

*new submissions will be for July 2020 Finals


Fill-in the application form first hit submit and then upload your photos. Please remember to check the FAQ above.

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If you are not sure about your category, please go to our CATEGORY PAGE and check the details of each.



Photo Upload

Please upload up to 6 of your photos and make sure to include your email in the file names (Ex: jane.smith@yahoo.com-1.jpg, jane.smith@yahoo.com-2.jpg)

(Only upload photos after submitting your completed application form above)